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- Music From the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Archives 1968-2011

Releasedate October 29, 2012

This 2LP presents seminal works of music from the nearly 50-year history of Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (HOK). When HOK founder Sonja Henie exclaimed that she wanted the Beatles to play at her art center,  in essence she expressed its founding ambition to produce and stage a lively cross-artistic program that captured the contemporary spirit of the day in live form. This release is filled with previous unreleased material recorded at HOK by artists such as Jim O`Rourke, Deathprod, Arne Nordheim, Soft Machine, John Cage and Jenny Hval.

 "And now we take the first step into the future." Former director Ole Henrik Moe added this bold statement when HOK opened its doors to the public in 1968.  The museum of the future at Høvikodden would position dynamic time-based art alongside its collection of modernist masterworks of paintings and sculpture, demonstrating how the various forms art elaborate and collaborate with each other. Instead of expanding its art collection, the majority of HOK’s budget would go to events and exhibitions, to the production of new time-based works, and not least, to document ephemeral art.  

I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center! presents a small selection from HOKs vast sound archives. For the first time one can hear excerpts from  Kåre Kolberg and Paal-Helge Haugens commisioned work Rekviem for Janis Joplin from 1972, Håkon Kornstad improvising in 2012, Hal Clark playing the legendary Buchla-synthesizer in The Norwegian Studio for Electronic Music in 1975, and Soft Machine at its prime in 1971 with Robert Wyatt on drums. The LP also contains commisoned works by Jenny Hval, Deathprod, Lasse Marhaug and Jim O`Rourke, all produced by HOK over the last years. Other artists represented on the 2LP are Bjørn Fongaard, The Aller Værste!, Svein Finnerud Trio, Sigurd Berge and Spontaneous Music Ensemble. 

This release accompanies the exhibition I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center! – Tidsbasert kunst ved HOK 1968-2011 opening on October 28th at HOK with performances by Deathprod and Nils Bech. In relation to the exhibition the book Mot det totale museum is published by Forlaget Press, together with a DVD on Prisma Records. The exhibition and releases are curated by Lars Mørch Finborud.

Tracklist LP

Side A
1. Arne Nordheim – A Forum of the Arts (1969)
2. Sigurd Berge – Excerpts from Blikk (1970)
3. Bjørn Fongaard - The Space Concerto for Piano and Tape (1971)

Side B
4. Soft Machine – Teeth  (1971)
5. Spontaneous Music Ensemble – Norway (1971)
6. Paal-Helge Haugen & Kåre Kolberg – Excerpts from Requiem for Janis
Joplin (1972)
7. Svein Finnerud Trio – Olga (1974)
8. Hal Clark – The Monkey and Organ Grinder (1975)

Side C
9. The Aller Værste! - Dans til musikken (1980)
10. John Cage – Excerpts from Muoyce (1983)
11. Magne Hegdal – Music for Marcel Duchamp (1983)
12. Lasse Marhaug – Ear Era 7 (2008)
13. Jim O`Rourke - Aunt Esther (2010)

Side D
14. Deathprod - Studio (2010)
15. Håkon Kornstad – Improvisations for Karin (2011) 
16. Jenny Hval – You sign your name (2012)

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