torsdag 29. august 2013

New release: ARNE NORDHEIM: Selected Works for Television 1967-1974 [DVD]

Arne Nordheim (1931-2010) is widely regarded as Norway’s best-known composer after Edvard Grieg. But did you know that he was a multidisciplinary artist and that his work inspired several of the country’s greatest visual artists?

Arne Nordheim’s art extends way beyond the confines of music. Throughout his life, he also worked closely with other art forms, such as theatre, fine arts, ballet, film, literature, architecture and installation art. In 1955, a journalist asked the young, up-and-coming composer: “What about the present, the future and -isms?” Arne Nordheim replied confidently: “No -isms for me, please!”

This DVD-release shows how Nordheim’s 50-year long multidisciplinary and ground-breaking career lived up to this motto and established him as a key figure of Norwegian, post-war art. This is the first opportunity to see his pioneering works in the field of television art created in collaboration with Norwegian visual artists such as Per Kleiva and Rolf Aamot, and known NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Bureau) technicians and directors such as Ole Henrik Moe, Stein-Roger Bull and Rolf Clemens. The DVD also includes the hour-long documentary Occupation: Composer, a film about Arne Nordheim made by Istvan Korda Kovacs in 1974.

The DVD accompanies the exhibition Arne Nordheim in the world of arts: No “-isms” for me, please! shown at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter August 22th 2013 – January 12th 2014.

This release is supported by The Freedom of Expression Foundation Oslo and The Norwegian Society of Composers.

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