mandag 12. oktober 2009

Ingar Zach & Andreas Meland: Music For Tinguely CD

Available November 2009. Distributed by Musikkoperatorene.

Ingar Zach (b.1971) is one of Norway`s leading percussionists and founder of the record label SOFA. He has recorded for the ECM and Rune Grammofon labels together with his bands Dans Les Arbres and Huntsville and has released several solo and duo records.

Andreas Meland is a Norwegian sound artist and musician. He has recorded with the projects Røyskatt, Norwegian Noize orchestra, düplo and Forell pluss several solo projects. He is also the founder of the experimental music festival Safe as Milk and the Melektronikk record label.

Music for Tinguely consists of two pieces commissioned for the Jean Tinguely exhibition - The Future As We Know It - presented at the Henie Onstad Art Centre in 2009. Zach`s piece Tinguely Solo was created for the opening ceremony of the exhibiton on April 16th 2009 by using a Gran Cassa, percussion, sruti box and drone commander mixed together with sounds from the Meta sculpture by Jean Tinguely. Andreas Meland`s piece The future as we remember it was performed at the centre on April 19th as part of a concert day together with the bands In the Country and Golden Serenades. All the source material for Meland`s piece was recorded on site in the Jean Tinguely exhibition.

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