onsdag 23. november 2011

Rolf Aamot: Tonal Image Films 1968-1991 CD

Rolf Aamot (b.1934) is a Norwegian electronic painter, graphic artist, film director and tonal image composer. Since the early 60s he has worked with the relationship between image and sound and he is regarded as one of the pioneers of audio-visual art in Scandinavia. Aamot has collaborated with artists and composers such as Bjørg Lødøen, Arne Nordheim and Bjørn Fongaard and his work Evolution, made together with Nordheim in 1966 was the the first time the television was used as a creative medium in Norway. In the 70s and 80s Aamot continued this work in electronic and digital paintings.

Tonal Image Films 1968-1991 documents for the first time Rolf Aamots and Bjørg Lødøen’s tonal images, the audio part to the tonal image films he directed between 1968 and 1991. The music consists of abstract sounds and movements from different electronic sources, interacting with pre-recorded and prepared acoustic instruments and human voices. Prisma Records is proud to present the previously unreleased but highly original music of Rolf Aamot for the first time.

Available on CD and iTunes from November 2011.

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